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  1. What is a Teacup Puppy?

    A Teacup Puppy is basically a very small dog.

    There is no such breed as a teacup and no dog federation recognizes this term.

    Teacups are smaller than the regular dogs in their breed and the size varies between the different breeds.

  2. What breeds are available?

    Teacup puppies are available in Maltese, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians and Yorkshire Terriers. The puppies also come in a variety of colors depending on the breed.

  3. How big will my puppy be?

    Most of our puppies are expected to be 2~4lbs when full grown.

    The estimated weight is done by the puppy growth chart that can be found on google.

    To give better idea of how puppies will mature, full grown teacup size dogs are available at the site for viewing as well.

  4. How old will my puppy be when I get her/him?

    All our puppies are over 3 months old.

    This is due to their special size, they will not be ready until at least 3 months old.  

    We also do not recommend for anyone to buy teacup puppies when they are too young.

  5. Why do you import teacup puppies from Korea?

    In Korea, tiny teacup size dogs have been around for a long time.

    This is because Korea is a small country so approximately 90% of the population in Korea lives in apartments, which has made teacup dogs very popular.

    Teacup puppies from Korea are also smaller than the puppies available in North America since Koreans have been breeding them to be smaller for a lengthlier period of time.

  6. Is it hard to take care of teacup puppies?

    Yes and no.

    I own teacup size dogs myself and they weigh about 2lbs full grown.

    When I first got her, I was very careful with her because there were so many rumours about teacup dogs being weak and sick.  But I realized as time passed that they are same as regular size dogs.

    Yes, they are more delicate and fragile since their bones and organs are petite but that does not mean they are weak.  

    I take my dogs for a walk almost everyday.  She loves playing with other dogs regardless of size.

    Can you imagine a rabbit size dog trying to play with German Shepherd?

    That is exactly what she tries to do.

    Granted, I am more careful with her when she plays with other dogs due to the size difference, but other that that, taking care of these puppies are not different from taking care of regular size puppies.

    I personally think that teacup size puppies are actually easier to take care of.  There are not as much to clean up since their feces are smaller.  They can also be very cost efficient because a medium size dog food bag will last you years.  There is also no need of walking dogs in the rain or in cold weather since they can be training pad (or paper) trained easily at home.

  7. I heard teacup dogs die early! Is it true?

    No. Life expectancy of teacup dogs are the same as regular size dogs. Just like humans, a dog's size can be varied. The size of the dog will not shorten their life. It is the same as saying that short people will die earlier!

    However. you will have to be more careful with teacup puppies because they are more fragile and petite, but they run, play, fetch, do tricks, etc. just like other dogs.

  8. Are your puppies registered? Do you give health guarantee?

    Yes, LuxPup is registered with FCI as LUXPUPINC and all our puppies can be registered with KKC or FCI. They also come with contract and 1 year written health guarantee.

  9. How do I know if the puppy is healthy?

    All our puppies have a health certificate that is issued by a registered vet from Korea before it is imported.

    Also, we do require that all our customers get the puppy checked by a vet no longer than 62 hrs from the pick up day. If, for some reason the vet says that there is something wrong with the puppy, you can bring the puppy back within 48 hrs of the vet visit for replacement of another puppy of the same quality and gender.

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